Hi again guys! Remember that time I was caught up with all the blog posts and totally on top of everything on the social media front? Yeah, me either. But what better way to start the catch-up process than with the second installment in the Lembas Trilogy? This time we teamed up with the talents of model, dancer, and journalist Kseniya Sovenko to show off some chains at a place I’ve wandered a time or two, the Olympic Sculpture Park, right down the road from my Alma Mater in downtown Seattle. As always, I’m just here to pimp out the incredible handmade works of Lembas Jewellery. But for real, go check out more of her stuff. She’s neat.


Amanda Kolstedt Photography - Lembas-5

Amanda Kolstedt Photography - Lembas-22

Amanda Kolstedt Photography - Lembas-31

Amanda Kolstedt Photography - Lembas-33


Model: Kseniya Sovenko

Jewellery / Styling: Lembas

Hair: Shontia Delpin 

Makeup: Jackie Dang

Location: Olympic Sculpture Park